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    Hoop Teach and Jam will be participating in the Wilkins School Community Center Open House from 12-1pm on Saturday, Septeber 23rd 2017!

    Have you missed the buzz about Hoop Teach and Jam? Then stop past for a Hoop Teach and Jam Demo and Free Flow session! This demonstration will be an abbreviated class, which will focus on the one Hoop Trick we all know and love, Waist Hooping! There will also be a “Hoop Jam” section where any previous student, veteran Hula Hooper, or fast learners from the Hoop Teach section can freestyle with their hoop and show off their new trick/s as some cool jams play in the background. *Hoop Teach and Jam Classes are intended for persons 16 years of age or older.

    * Demo is open to participant’s age 7 and older. Any person under 7 will need to be under parent supervision AT ALL TIMES. Hula Hoops may swing out of people’s hands and fly, use caution!


    Attention! Hula Hooping is not just for kids! Embrace your inner flow and express yourself in dance as you strengthen your core, blast calories, sculpt your muscles and build coordination in this action-packed Adult Hoop Teach and Jam Class! Bring your own hoop, purchase, or borrow one for the class and learn basic skills such as on-body hooping which will be taught in detail, and additional tricks, dances, and poses based on class progression and interest. No previous experience is necessary, all levels are welcome. This is a low-pressure class where you can learn at your own pace and Ebony, your instructor, will be there to help students progress at their comfort and skill level.

    The first part of class includes a dynamic warm-up, detailed instruction on various hoop tricks and techniques, as well as a few bodyweight exercises. The second part of class includes a Hoop Jam Circle where you can choose to show off everything you’ve learned as a group to some great tunes, followed by a chilled-out cool-down.


    Learn about the woman who will be leading the way as your instructor during every Hoop Teach and Jam session

    aka Kinetic Enigma

    I am Ebony Thomas. a 30 year old wife, Hula hooper, Tang Soo Do Martial Artist and Personal Training student from Pittsburgh Pa. I started hooping as a flow art back in January 2016, but my oldest hoop is 8 years old! I originally purchased a weighted fitness hoop from Canyon Hoops 8 years ago to help me lose weight. I spent about 40 minutes a day waist hooping and it helped me lose 50 pounds! After I lost the weight, I retired my hoop not realizing all the amazing things you can do with hooping. About 6 years later, I discovered some Hoop Flow videos on Instagram and was amazed! I knew my weighted hoop was way too big to do the tricks that I saw so I went to Target and purchased a lighted wave hoop and that was history! Hooping is my passion and I found that I love showing people how to Hula Hoop for the first time! Last spring I created a Hoop Fitness Program called Hoop Teach and Jam to teach friends and peers how to Hula Hoop. In addition I have done demonstrations and performances and plan to add more opportunities to my journey. I am looking forward to hooping, teaching, and jamming with you all!

  • Booking and private classes

    Are you interesting in booking Hoop Teach and Jam at your workplace, festival or event? How about booking Ebony to perform at your wedding, reunion, or party?
    Please provide all necessary information, and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also email or call through the contact information below.


    Katrina Clark

    "What I like best about doing hoop jam, is the fun I have learning basic hula hooping . Like any fitness workout you break a sweat but you are not in pain. If anything you feel invigorated in taking that first step to something new. Ebony is a great teacher and she takes the time to make sure you are doing the moves correctly and that you are having fun.

    For a novice like me I learned new techniques that I didn't know were apart of hula hooping.

    So to all the people on the fence about taking a class. Just sign up and get hooping you will be glad you did. "

    Brynn Yochim

    "Ebony’s Hoop Teach and Jams combine the art of learning new skills, dance, body discovery, and exercise with an enjoyable, unique twist. Ebony is patient and makes beginners feel comfortable while they learn the basics, while providing alternative instruction to more advanced hoopers. She ramps up the difficulty in a steady, non-intimidating way while supporting an energetic and motivated atmosphere. The tricks you learn during her class build on each other. There is nothing quite like the satisfying excitement you feel once you get the hang of a new move. Time goes by quickly during the hoop jams and you will feel muscle soreness the next day. I have a custom hoop that she made and I am in love with it! I look forward to attending more classes this season and hooping to the awesome music that she plays. If you’re reading this, I hope to meet you at a session and get our hoop on together! I recommend Ebony’s Hoop Teach and Jam classes to anyone looking to burn some calories while deepening your relationship with your body, and hula-hoop in a fun, friendly, inclusive environment."


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